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DSV United Kingdom Ltd is relatively new, only being established here in February 2008. However DSV varieties have been sold in the UK for 25 years, through  various agencies. The oilseed rape programme has been very successful over many years, from Libravo (winner of the NIAB challenge cup in 1991) to the current AHDB Recommended List 2019/2020, where Temptation - our first TuYV resistance variety for the UK

Langonda is currently the number one spring rape variety on the AHDB Descriptive List with the highest gross output (116%) and yield (117%).  We also have Lumen, Lexus, Makro and Mirakel currently on the Descriptive List.

DSV UK  Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Saatveredelung AG (DSV), based in Lippstadt Germany. It employs twelve full time staff. DSV UK is responsible for sales and marketing of varieties to the UK seed trade as well as company administration, advertising and the organisation of the Cereals Event.

How to find us

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DSV Wardington

The Wardington trial site was taken over by DSV UK in July 2008 after the creation of the DSV UK’s business. Wardington is located between Oxford and Birmingham near Banbury.

Site History   Building

DSV Wardington was established in 2007 when Tim Ball and Graham Urquhart moved to Top Dawkins Barn (Wardington) with existing grass and wheat breeding work. Their previous site was nearby, however the land there was heavy. Wardington has easier soil conditions, with sandy loams, therefore better for trial work.  




The Team

Nine staff at Wardington, operating trials on a total of 30ha. John Sweatman is responsible for managing the site, and the UK rape seed trial network.  Jamie Cotton is our grass breeder for forage grasses, and Dr Matt Kerton is our wheat breeder. For breeding and technical assistance we have a strong team of Graham Urquhart, Robert Wood, Cindy Watts, Alison Cornes, Ellen Machin and Jennifer Campbell.


Equipment and Facilities   equipment

The site has a large storage capacity for essential agricultural machinery such as sprayers, drills, and tractors required by a busy breeding station. The farm has excellent breeding and testing facilities, including good quality soils, polytunnels and a greenhouse with a fully automated environmental control system.




Activities carried out on the site  Men walking

Work includes running Recommended List and National List trials in winter oilseed rape, forage grass and wheat. The main work on the site is to develop varieties to the pre national list stage, and there is an extensive network of DSV trials throughout relevant regions of the UK in order to gain a complete picture of variety performance.  



How to find us

Download Directions to DSV Wardington


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