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Turnip (Brassica rapa rapa)

Palatability and resistance

CIVASTO is an early variety with a leaf to root ratio of 50:50. It fits well into the rotation after barley, rye or other crops with similar harvest times. Broad leaves and good vigour make CIVASTO a high yielding turnip for grazing and/or harvest with a yield stability. Due to CIVASTO’s ideal sowing window from late July to mid-September and its short vegetation period, CIVASTO makes a great forage producer. Especially to prolong the availability of green fodder from October to December.
When CIVASTO is sown to be harvested as forage, a lighter soil is recommended. This ensures the yield/forage is clean and not contaminated with clods of soil.
CIVASTO has good winter hardiness and therefore it maintains its palatability and resistance to bolting and club root.

Cultivation Instructions

Sowing Rate5-7kg/ha
Date for Sowinglate July to mid-September
LocationLight, fertile soils
Fertilisation100-160kg/ha (preferably liquid manure)
Special attributesRequires little warmth and prefers high rainfall.
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