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TerraLife - N-Fixx


Rapid ground cover and nitrogen fixation

Carefully balanced mix of large and small-seeded, quick-growing legumes combined with non-legumes that have a neutral impact on (soil quality for) crop rotations. An superb cover crop mix for use after whole silage crop and winter barley, before oilseed rape and between winter cereals, particularly due to the legumes‘ ability to fix nitrogen. N-Fixx leaves behind a very good tilth, enriches the soil with humus and improves the health and vitality of highly stressed soils (e.g. in intensive crop rotations). Switch to BetaMaxx if the crop rotation or climate does not favour the use of buckwheat (shattering).

Cover crop species: Summer-/Winter cover crop


100% field peas, squarrose clover, Persian clover, serradella, phacelia, niger, buckwheat, sunflower, common vetch, linseed
If a certain variety is unavailable it will be replaced with equivalents.

Cultivation Instructions

Sowing rate40 – 45 kg/ha
Date for sowingcan be sown up to the end of August, unfavourable conditions by 15 August
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