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Bristle oat (Avena strigosa)


  • Leaves: rough leaf blades up to 25 cm long, blue-green
  • Height: 40-150 cm
  • Abundant growth, leafy
  • Loose panicle
  • Awned spikes, drooping spikelets, glumes longer than lemmas
  • Root: numerous fine roots in the topsoil region
  • Fast juvenile development
  • Nematode-reducing


Environmental needs:

  • Undemanding in relation to soil conditions
  • Excellent on sandy, light soils
  • Sensitive to frost



  • Catch crop
  • Forage/silage
  • Suitable for grazing
  • Good weed suppressant in mixtures

Green manure:

  • Improved soil structure
  • Preserves nitrogen
  • Dies off reliably with frost
  • Recovery crop/reduction of free-living nematodes (e.g. Pratylenchus penetrans, trichodorides)


Function within TerraLife:

  • Shallow rooting
  • Nematode-reducing
  • Allelopathic effect
  • Epigeogenous rhizome


TerraLife mixtures:


DSV variety:


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