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Buckwheat (Fagopyrum tataricum)


  • Leaves: elongated to heart-shaped
  • Herbaceous, reddish stem
  • Height: stem 30-80 cm → rapid growth and ground cover
  • Flowers: white to pink
  • Seeds: triangular pyramid shape
  • Root: numerous fine roots in the topsoil region


Environmental needs:

  • Undemanding regarding location, soil and nutrients
  • Not suitable for heavy, cold, wet, compacted soils
  • Needs warmth, very sensitive to frost (suffers damage at temperatures below 3 °C)
  • Sensitive to extremely dry conditions



  • Main crop Fagopyron esculentum (sowing between late May and early June)
  • Forage mixture
  • Good autumn bee forage, deer forage
  • Catch crop

Green manure:

  • Neutral within crop rotation
  • Good ground cover and weed suppressant due to rapid, abundant growth
  • Advantage of rapid die-off at first frost


Function within TerraLife:

  • Dry germinating
  • Shallow rooting
  • Inorganically bound phosphorus-fixing
  • Bee pasture


TerraLife mixtures:


DSV variety:



Respect: Under very good growing conditions, Buckwheat can reach the ripening in catch crop mixtures. Grazing of sheep is not permitted!

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