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Common vetch (Vicia sativa L.)


  • Rapidly growing, densely hairy plant
  • Leaves: 5-7 pairs of pinnate leaves with terminal tendrils
  • Height: 50-120 cm
  • Thin, angled, procumbent stem unless climbing other plants
  • Flowers: reddish-purple, on very short stalks
  • Root: numerous fine roots
  • Dies off with frost


Environmental needs:

  • Low claims to soil and climate
  • Prefers heavy, calcareous, fresh clay soils
  • Wet and cool locations, altitudes
  • Sensitive to drought
  • Tolerant to coldness



  • Winter catch crop
  • WCS-mixtures
  • Possibility to graze

Green manure:

  • Rapidly growing
  • Weed suppressing
  • Improves soil and tilth
  • Root and crop residue 15 quintals DM/ha
  • Very good preceding crop
  • Self-compatible


Functions within TerraLife:

  • Deep rooting
  • Tilth improver
  • Nitrogen-fixing
  • Antibiosis-enhancing (promotes Bacillus subtilis à combats Streptomyces scabies and others)


TerraLife mixtures:


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