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Field pea (Pisum sativum L.)


  • Annual, fast growing, protein-rich
  • Leaves: oval, tapered base; petiole ending in a branched tendril; characteristic reddish-purple spot on the petiole axil
  • Height: hollow stems up to 1 m
  • Flowers: purple
  • Seeds: approx. 8 cm long in pods
  • Root: thickened, slightly twisted taproot; lateral roots extending sideways; relatively limited depth growth


Environmental needs:

  • Low to medium
  • High lime and humus content (pH > 6)
  • Warm, humid climate
  • Well aerated, moisture-retentive soils
  • Not suitable for very dry and sandy soils


DSV variety: LIVIOLETTA offers good stability with high protein and DM yields.


  • Summer catch crop
  • Forage/silage in mixtures
  • Suitable for grazing


Green manure:

  • Nitrogen-fixing
  • Good structural soil improvement
  • Root residue of 12-15 quintals DM/ha
  • Effective forecrop
  • Very good bee pasture


Function within TerraLife:

  • Dry germinating
  • Shallow rooting
  • Nitrogen-fixing
  • Dense penetration of topsoil due to branching lateral roots


TerraLife mixtures:

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