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Winter-peas/Rye Plus

Legume cereal mixtures - Energy crops

Diversity for biogas plants

A cultivation system which provides biogas plant operators with an attractive alternative to silage maize due to its many benefits. All components are sown at the same time, which saves time and money. Legumes and cereals grow together in harmony and the undersowing provides a further yield when the whole crop silage (WCS) has been harvested. These combinations greatly improve the humus balance in intensive biogas crop rotations.

Winter peas in the mixture help provide good winter hardiness. They mature late and fit well with the characteristics of the remaining mixture components. Their rapid growth makes them an effective weed supressant, and they tolerate compacted soil relatively well.


65 % Rye
26 % Winter peas
9 % Italian ryegrass
If a certain variety is unavailable it will be replaced with equivalents.

Cultivation Instructions

Sowing Rate110-150 kg
Date for SowingSeptember - mid October
Locationaverage to good sites, not areas prone to heavy frosts
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