DSV United Kingdom Ltd.

Robert Wright

DSVs new TuYV resistant variety Temptation is the highest yielding oilseed rape crop at Robert Wright’s White House Farm, at Barnby, Suffolk, this year.

The variety has come out top in both field trials and the commercial crop just harvested with remarkably consistent yields of 5.3t/ha in both.


“It was the consistency of the data that first attracted me to Temptation and my experiences of growing it on-farm over the last two years have certainly supported this with it being the highest performer last year and this.


“The farm trials we have carried out comparing a range of varieties showed it yielded around 5% more than its nearest competitor and it’s delivered the same in the field this year.”


Robert puts this down not just to the variety’s TuYV resistance, but also Temptation’s vigour and overall agronomic properties.


“Temptation gets away really quickly and in poorer years it’s one of those varieties that you can visibly see growing more strongly and establishing better – that’s key when you can suffer so much loss early on these days.


“In two very contrasting years it’s delivered high yields, good quality and it’s lack of variability has given us the peace of mind that you don’t often get with other oilseed rape varieties. It’s one we’ll definitely be drilling for next year.”




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