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Status: AHDB Recommended List 2020/21

Dazzler is one of DSV’s flagship triple-layer varieties, combining top yields with three important traits from DSV, Dazzler was one of the few varieties to join the Recommened List this year.

One of its particularly noticeable features is its outstanding autumn vigour as well as having Turnip Yellow Virus (TuYV) resistance, pod shatter resistance, and the RLM7+ for multi-gene resistance to phoma stem canker.

It is one of the first varieties which has these pioneering three traits stacked together in a variety. Developed as a direct result of the Neonicotinoid ban and the need to move towards less intensive and more environmentally friendly production methods, DSV triple-layer oilseed rape takes as much of the guesswork out of growing the crop as possible.

Every triple-layer variety has unique three-way disease resistance and yield protection built in making them a genuine industry first.

Layer 1: RLM7+ Disease Resistance

Multi-gene resistance to phoma stem canker and light leaf spot – the most common diseases of oilseed rape in the UK.

Layer 2: Turnip Yellow Virus Resistance

Resistance to the growing threat of TuYV now endemic across the UK and potentially reducing oil content and yields by up to 20%.

Layer 3: Pod Shatter Resistance

Minimises seed shed and loss in later stages of growth and at harvesting making it particularly useful when weather conditions are poor or in late seasons.

This unique stacking of traits is just one of the factors which allows the consistent and reliable delivery of high financial returns from DSV’s innovative breeding approach, producing tough, resilient varieties for UK farmers.

With the loss of neonicitonoid seed treatment and milder autumns and winters we are seeing rising aphid numbers in crops. At least 72% of these aphids have been known to vector the TuYV virus which can reduce yields by up to 20%. Tests this winter have demonstrated that high levels of the virus were apparent in many oilseed rape crops up and down the country.


Source: AHDB Recommended List Trials (East and West Region) 2020/2021  and DSV trials 2018

Gross Output 104%
Seed Yield 103%
Oil Content 46.2%
Autumn Vigour High
Spring Vigour High
Early Vigour High
Winter Hardiness High
Plant Height 155cm
Earliness of Flowering 8
Maturity 6
Resistance to Lodging 8
Stem Stiffness 9
Light Leaf Spot 6
Stem Canker 8 (RLM7)
Verticillium Wilt Good

Dazzler in UK trials has shown that it can deliver high gross output (104%) and high oil content (46.2%), which is comparable with other varieties currently on the AHDB Recommended List. It also has good agronomic features with an upright canopy that demonstrates no weakness to lodging (8) and a strong stem stiffness score (9) from a medium height variety, standing at 155cm.


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