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Status: Common Catalogue

  • Excellent phoma and light leaf spot resistance 
  • High yield potemtial
  • Vigorous autumn growth 
  • Impressive oil content 


UK Data from extensive breeder and replicated on farm trials 

Agronomic Characteristics
Yield Potential 106%
Oil Content 45.7%
Autumn Vigour Very Good
Winter Hardiness Good
Maturity 6
Resistance to lodging 8
Stem Stiffness 8
Light Leaf Spot 7

Dualis has been planted for the second year in the UK from the DSV France portfolio. Dualis offers robust polygenic stem canker resistance – 9 on the AHDB scale. Dualis, having polygenic quantitative resistance, is unlikely to breakdown as quickly as single gene resistance types and for those growers who have been using RLM 7 varieties in close rotations it offers an excellent resistance management option.

In addition to its stem canker resistance Dualis has excellent resistance to Light Leaf Spot (7).

The strong autumn development that Dualis offers is on par with the DSV benchmark variety Incentive 45, with its hybrid spring vigour. It is a variety which delivers with above average yields and excellent oil content (45.7%). It also has good resistance to lodging with a strong network of roots, and is a short variety at 150 cm.





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