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Plurax CL

Status: Common Catalogue

Plurax CL is commercially available in several European countries and is available for the first time in the UK in 2018. This variety is well adapted to European climates and is winter hardy and tolerates drought conditions. Plurax CL highlights DSV’s autumn vigour - being on par with market leading varieties - for making maximum use of the first 45 days of growth after drilling, where OSR lays the foundations for future yield. In private UK trials Plurax CL has given a seed yield of 103% and an outstanding oil content of 46.5%. It has good branching characteristics to deliver a stable yield, and an all round disease package with the best in its type for Verticillium wilt tolerance.

Plurax CL is suitable for sowing in all sites, due to its autumn vigour and the branching capacity of the plant. DSV would recommend planting this variety at 50 seed/m2 and a PGR should be applied in fertile soil and/or where known lodging can occur.


UK Data for Plurax CL

Agronomy Characters
Gross Output 105%
Oil Content Very High
Tolerance to Verticillium Wilt High
Vigour Autumn High
Winter Hardness High
Plant Height 152cm
Earliness of Flowering 6
Maturity 6
Resistance to Lodging 9
Stem Stiffness 8
Light Leaf Spot 7
Stem Canker 6

PLURAX CL is the latest Clearfield winter oilseed rape variety released by DSV. It is a very well balanced variety with a unique combination of yield stabilising factors. One of these factors is the good package of disease resistances consisting of excellent resistances and tolerances against stem canker, LLS and Verticillium wilt. It has also shown, a very high level of winterhardiness in private and official trial networks. Like most of the other varieties, DSV PLURAX CL has very good lodging resistance and high oil content. Therefore, it is easy to manage and gives a high profit to the grower."

Dr Alexander Doering, Product Manager OSR International


Clearfield® Production System for Oilseed Rape Stewardship Instructions for the Grower.