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Status: National Listed 2018

  • High gross outputs
  • Excellent oil content
  • Good disease scores

Sparrow45 is a hybrid variety for the UK.

It has typical DSV vigour, with quick winter growth. Sparrow is also one of the first varieties to move in the spring - seen throughout the UK in private and national trials.

Sparrow45 delivers a robust agronomic package with excellent light leaf spot resistance, standing power, oil content and yield stability.

It is a variety that stands out from the rest, with its dark leaves and a very prostrate growth habit which ensures maximum root growth and reduces the risk of lodging.

Sparrow45 has shown to be early maturing on farm helping to spread the harvest load

Data: AHDB Reccommended List - Table 16

Gross Output (%) Seed Yield (%) Oil Content (%) Stem Canker Light Leaf Spot Flowering Maturity
103 103 45.7 5 6 7 5


DSV would recommend planting their hybrids in the optimum drilling window. However, if weather conditions mean drilling is delayed then Sparrow’s autumn vigour gives flexibility for later sowing.  Sparrow45 has a prostrate growth habit quickly delivering considerable ground cover. This ground hugging growth habit therefore means Sparrow45 is unlikely to need an autumn PGR. The good spring vigour, quick flowering and excellent straw characteristic, mean spring inputs can be tailored to the main diseases of Light Leaf Spot and Sclerotinia.

Harvest Period

The temptation to desiccate/swath early must be avoided on all oilseed rape varieties otherwise full oil content of the seed will not be achieved. The crop will be ready when 90% of the seed in the mid-third of pods on the main stem are red to dark brown.

Pack Size

Sparrow45 is supplied in unit packs containing 1.5 million germinating seeds. Sown over 3ha this will give 50 germinating seeds per m2. Sowing rates should be adjusted based on TGW and germination.

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