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Status: AHDB Recommended List 2019/20


  • Temptation is DSV's first variety in the UK to carry genuine genetic TuYV resistance
  • Double layered disease resistance
  • High yield and oil content
  • Strong autumn vigour – suitable for medium-late drilling
  • Multi gene resistance to phoma and light leaf spot
  • Ranked no1 in France, 3rd in Poland and Hungary in 2019

Temptation joined the Recommended List this December. It has been recommended for the whole of the UK. It is the first Turnip Yellow resistant variety to be sold by DSV in the UK.

Turnip Yellow Virus (TuYV) has been a well-known threat to oilseed rape for over 30 years throughout Europe. This disease can cause a considerable loss of yield. Spread by the peach potato aphid (Myzus persicae) indications are that losses can be as high as 30%. Due to this, DSV have been breeding varieties with resistance to TuYV for over 10 years. It has become more of a concern throughout Europe, including the UK, due to the reduction in availability and restrictions in the use of key plant protection products.

Temptation has been recommended for the whole of the UK with a strong gross output scores for the East and West and North region. It is a restored hybrid with a gross output comparable to listed varieties and is a considerable leap forward from first generation turnip yellow resistant varieties.  

Temptation United Kingdom East and West Region North Region
Gross Output 101% 102 98%
Treated Seed Yield 101% 100 98
Oil Content 46% 46% 46%

AHDB Reccommended List trials


Agronomic features:

Temptation demonstrates a high and consistent yield and an impressive oil content of 46%. Temptation was the third highest yielding variety in 2018 with a score of 105.7% in AHDB trials.


Temptation has strong winter hardiness reducing the impact of late frosts and snow cover. It's aggressive vigour is very noticeable in official and on-farm trials. Independent results this year suggest the variety has strong tolerance to Verticillium Wilt.

It has good field disease resistance and has proven to be robust in UK conditions, with a light leaf spot score of 6 and a phoma stem canker score of 5. A high performance variety with low input management!


Agronomic Characteristics
Resistance to Lodging 8
Height 153cm
Earliness to Flowering 6
Maturity 5
Light Leaf Spot 6
Stem Canker 5

Sowing date and rate:

Temptation should be drilled between 40 to 50 seeds per m2, its vigorous autumn growth allows it to be drilled into the medium-late sowing period without any issues.


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