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Status: A long term favourite on the North region and East and West Region Recommended Lists

Compass was added to the AHDB Recommended List 2011 / 2012 (East and West and North regions). Compass shows all the attributes – fast autumn vigour,  high oil and seed yield, excellent straw characteristics, and good disease resistance – that are expected from a DSV hybrid.

Gross Output

East and West Region Gross Ouput (%) Yield (%) Oil content (%)
Compass 100 98 45.8
DK Expower 98 98 44.6
Fashion 99 99 44.5

 Compass remains a strong contender for the North with a strong gross output (102%). This is made up of a combination of one of the highest seed yields (100%) and the highest oil content (45.4%) on the Recommended List for the North. Compass also performs exceptionally well in the East and West region. But it is the high on farm yields which set it apart from other varieties on the list.

Compass is one of the few varieties that gives excellent performance in both East and West and North trials making it reliable across a wide range of climates and conditions.

North Region Gross output (%) Yield (%) Oil Content (%)
Compass 102 100 45.4
Catana 102 100 45.3

Autumn Vigour

Compass is well known for its fast autumn and spring establishment.

Disease Resistance

Compass has good resistance to light leaf spot (6.2%) which is becoming a serious problem throughout the UK and it is in the pack for resistance to stem canker. Its excellent regional yield performances from the official trials stand as testament to its universal suitability.


The extensive root system associated with hybrid varieties helps plants reach vital nutrients. Compass' dense canopy minimises the amount of daylight hitting the soil, thus reducing the risk of a late weed flush. It is medium flowering (6) with a maturity date (5) that coincides with the main crop OSR harvest. Compass begins flowering after the greatest threat of frost damage has passed and is fully ripe without any delay to harvest date.


Straw Characteristics

Compass has excellent straw characteristics. It is a medium height, stiff variety, especially when treated with a PGR as part of a normal spray programme. It has the highest score for stem stiffness (8) and above average scores for resistance to lodging (8).