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The first of DSV’s PNN (Post NeoNicotinoid) varieties, which are the result of careful breeding and selection to make them the most reliable and high performing oilseed rape varieties you can grow. With outstanding gross output, class leading agronomic properties and exceptional versatility, Dariot sets a new standard for consistent, high performance with low input management.

• Impressive yield and oil content
• Leads the pack in terms of vigour in both autumn and spring
• Excellent disease scores
• RLM7 + Multi gene resistance to phoma
• Suited to mid – late planting

Dariot marks a significant step forward in DSV’s production of reliable, simple to grow high output oilseed rape varieties especially developed for the current economic and environmental climate.
DSV’s first variety to feature multi-gene resistance to phoma with the top resistance score of 9, Dariot also has a resistance to light leaf score of 6 making it an agronomist-friendly variety well suited to integrated crop management systems. Dariot also has enhanced pod shattering resistance for extra flexibility at harvest.

Data Source: AHDB

Gross Output (%) 105
Seed Yield - (%) 105
Oil content (%) 45.7
Stem Canker 9
Light Leaf Spot 6
Lodging 8
Stem Stiffness 7
Flowering 6
Maturity 5

Unlike other oilseed rape varieties currently available, DSV PNN varieties are exclusively selected to deliver full performance without neonicotinoid seed dressings and complex and costly agronomic interventions throughout the growing cycle.

1. Superior Primary Response

PNN varieties like Dariot respond almost instantly once drilled. This primary response is specifically developed to make the plant establish quickly, driving down a strong taproot so the plant can keep growing through thecritical early stages as well as laying down the foundations for optimum yield later. This powerful growth habit also helps the crop grow through early pest and disease attack.

2. Enhanced Solar Capture

PNN varieties are characterised by Controlled Biomass and High Green Area Index early in the spring/summer growing cycle. This combination allows maximum photosynthetic efficiency, often through a proliferation of a large number of smaller leaves, without the risk of plants becoming too bulky. This key feature also provides PNN varieties like Dariot with improved nitrogen efficiency, enabling every unit of nitrogen applied to the crop to go into plant growth.

4. Optimum Pod Presentation

Dariot’s unique ‘vigour profile’ enables it to produce the optimum number of pods for the plant even in poor conditions. A key attribute of PNN varieties is reduced apical dominance, which means more energy and nutrients go into flower and pod production than outright plant growth. The combination of these factors means maximum seed production at all times.

3. Proven Performance Stability

PNN varieties have real durability and resilience at their core. Developed to deliver consistent, outstanding performance in a wide range of current growing conditions, they are also equipped to cope with the wider range of climatic conditions anticipated in the future. The ultimate combination of proven pedigree and strong, modern genetics gives PNN varieties performance you can rely on year-in year-out.


In addition to stand-out disease resistance characteristics, Dariot also holds its own in gross output comparisons with a score of 105%, a yield of 5.4t/ha trials and an oil content of 45.7% in AHDB trials.

In addition, a lodging score of 8 and good stem stiffness ensures Dariot remains standing beyond the all-important flowering period before leaning into an easily combined ‘mat’ of canopy for ease of harvest.

Dariot – a new generation of hybrid oilseed rape for the way we grow today.

Harvest Period
The temptation to desiccate/swath early must be avoided on all oilseed rape varieties otherwise full oil content of the seed will not be achieved. The crop will be ready when 90% of the seed in the mid-third of pods on the main stem are red to dark brown.

Pack Size
Dariot is supplied in unit packs containing 1.5 million germinating seeds. Sown over 3ha this will give 50 germinating seeds per m2.

Download our new Dariot leaflet here

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