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Veritas CL

Status: Common Catalogue

Veritas is a high yielding Imidazolinone resistant hybrid variety with strong youth development before winter.

Veritas carries the RLM 7 gene giving its resistance to phoma as well as having a strong score of light leaf spot. It is a robust and healthy variety with a very good tolerance of drought. Veritas CL also has enhanced pod shattering resistance for extra flexibility at harvest

Data for Veritas

Agronomy Characters
Yield Potential 98 %
Oil Content Medium
Vigour Autumn Medium
Winter Hardiness High
Plant Height 160cm
Earliness of Flowering 3
Maturity 4
Resistance to Lodging 7
Stem Stiffness 6
Light Leaf Spot 7

Clearfield® Production System for Oilseed Rape Stewardship Instructions for the Grower.

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