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Click CL

Status: National Listed

  • The first of DSV’s spring Clearfield varieties available in the UK
  • Click CL is a high-yielding alternative which provides the perfect opportunity to control brassica weeds in the spring
  • Very high oil content
  • Cleravo (imazamox + quinmerac) is approved for use on spring oilseed rape

Click CL is a hybrid spring rape variety which produces good yields on farm coupled with strong youth development in the spring. It is a new generation hybrid with Clearfield herbicide tolerance which can be used to help control brassica weeds in the spring.

Click CL has produced some very good oil contents in trials throughout Europe. It is already commercially available in Germany, Russia and the Ukraine. 

Click CL has a medium flowering and maturity score as well as a good resistance to lodging score.

Agronomic Characteristics

 Yield Potential : Good

Oil Yield : Very High

Oil content : Very High

Spring vigour : High

Seed Size : Medium

Beginning of flowering : Medium

Maturity : Medium

Resistance to lodging : Good

Plant Length – Medium – Tall

Winter Hardiness – High


Growing Information

Growers should try and resist the temptation to drill too early ( February )  temperature and day length will act against the newly sown seedling.

Sowing depth and density: 2-3 cm, depending soil type, in a sufficiently compact and fine seed bed. The optimum density comprises about 70-80 plants/m².

Fertilisation: Depending soil conditions and preceding crop, 100–160 kg/ha K, 40–60 kg/ha P, 20-30 kg/ha S and 50-80 kg/ha N should be supplied at sowing time. At beginning of stem elongation additional 40-50 kg/ha N are supporting high grain yields.

Weed Control: Hybrid vigour and early plant development suppress the growth of weeds. Cleravo (imazamox + quinmerac) is approved for use on spring oilseed rape for the control of a range of broad leaved and grass weeds, including brassica weeds and volunteer OSR.

It should be applied post emergence of the crop from two fully expanded cotyledons to before 9 true leaves.  Target 1-4 true leaves of actively growing weeds. Apply at 1.0 l/ha with 1.0 l/ha of the adjuvant Dash HC and 100 l/ha water volume.  Allow a minimum of 2 hours to become rain-fast.  One application is permitted per crop.  For further application advice and following crop intervals, please see the label.

Please see voluntary initiative stewardship advice below:

Drained land: No application until 1 April; avoid application before 16 April

Drained land in safeguard zones: No application until 15 April; avoid application 16 April-30 April

Disease and Insect Protection: It is very important to control flea beetle. Insecticides should be applied if more than 1-2 insects per plant are present in the early stages or 3-4 insects prior to onset of flowering. The same control measurement accounts for the pollen beetle before and during flowering. Under wet and warm conditions during flowering a fungicide application against Sclerotinia stem rot should be considered.

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