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Menthal CR

Status: National Listed

National listed in : Denmark, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Belarus

  • Clubroot resistant spring rape
  • Very high yield
  • Medium to late maturity
  • Good standing power

Menthal is a very high yielding hybrid and DSV’s first spring rape which offers the added benefit of clubroot resistance. Menthal is resistance to the most common strains of clubroot, it allows spring rape to be grown in areas previously unable to grow the crop. Not only does Menthal have good yield it also has a very good oil content.

Menthal is recommended for land which has been infected with the common strains of clubroot. Menthal may however, (in common with all clubroot resistant varieties) be infected by some strains and infections .

Menthal is slightly later to flower and mature than some of the other spring rapes available but this does help to spread the harvest load and realistically would only be 2 or 3 days later than the other varieties. Menthal has a thick dense canopy filled with pods and has good resistance to lodging.