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Status: Recommended throughout the United Kingdom 2018/19

The UK's Favourite Spring Oilseed Rape

Rape pic Key Benefits

Very high oil content combined with high seed yields

• Excellent all-round agronomic package

• Proven track record of consistently high gross output


Ability is the most widely grown spring oilseed rape variety in the United Kingdom. It has been grown successfully in the UK since 2006 and has had consistently high yields year after year. Its high oil content helps growers reach oil bonuses and avoids diluting any winter cropping.


Yield and Gross Output
Ability has an impressive gross output (99%) compared to other conventional spring varieties on the Descriptive List. It has an excellent yield (98%) and high oil content (44.5%). 



Growing throughout the United Kingdom
Ability has the advantage that it can be produced throughout the UK. It can be sown on a variety of soil types and grown in a range of different climates ensuring reliable yields across a range of locations.

Straw Characteristics
Ability has a very strong standing ability scoring 7 on the Descriptive List. It has a relatively short stem compared to the majority of varieties on the list, reducing the chances of lodging and the requirement of a growth regulator. The fact that it is a relatively short variety, having a lower biomass, means that growing Ability allows for a more manageable harvest. This can result in higher returns for the farmer. Ability is short and stiff without compromising on yield. 

Agronomic Features
As Ability is early flowering, it allows for a good grain fill period, as well as having medium to early maturity which gives prolonged photosynthetic activity. These features have many commercial benefits for the farmer.

Download Ability information sheet and growers guide


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