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Status: AHDB Spring Oilseed Rape Descriptive List 2017


Status – Descriptive List


Doktrin is a spring hybrid oilseed rape from DLE. It is classed as an medium / early maturing variety combining very high oil content and strong scores for stem stiffness and lodging resistance.

 Key points:  High oil content, earliness of maturity and high scores for resistance to lodging

 Doktrin has a gross outputs of 97% and a yield of 99% on the descriptive list.



Variety Characteristics
Yield Potential High - very high
Oil Content High
Earliness of flowering Mid - Early
Maturity Mid- early
Resistance to Lodging High
Plant Height 150cm

AHDB Spring Oilseed Rape Descriptive List 2018

AHDB Spring Oilseed Rape Descriptive List 2018 Gross output % Seed Yield % Oil Content % Earliness of Flowering (1-9) Earliness of Maturity (1-9)
Doktrin 97 99 44.2 7 5
Simba 98 99 44.1 5 5

Doktrin will be supplied in packs of 2.1 million seeds. This should be sufficient to sow 3ha. As with autumn sown hybrids, a lower seed rate is required for Doktrin. It should ideally be planted at 70 germinating seeds per m².Seed should be sown when soils have warmed up, during the first three weeks of April. This will give the seeds the best opportunity to germinate and grow. If drilling commences outside this sowing window then higher seed rates should be applied..

 Sowing depth and density: 2-3 cm, depending on soil type, in a sufficiently compact and fine seed bed.

 Weed Control: Hybrid vigour and early plant development suppress the growth of weeds. In any case sufficient weed control is important to further ensure good crop development.

 Disease and Insect Protection: It is very important to control the flea beetle. Insecticides should be applied if more than 1-2 insects per plant are present in early stages or 3-4 insects prior to onset of flowering. The same control measurement accounts for the pollen beetle before and during flowering. Under wet and warm conditions during flowering a fungicide application against Sclerotinia stem rot should be considered.

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