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Status: AHDB Spring Oilseed Rape Descriptive List Trials 2018

MAKRO is the first hybrid spring oilseed rape variety from DSV UK (bred by NPZ). It joined the Spring Oilseed Rape AHDB Descriptive List in November 2012 and is one of the leading varieties grown in the UK.


• High gross output (101%) which is made up of the a high seed yield (101%) and has a high oil content

• has performed very consistently in trials

• has the vigorous growth habit which is associated with autumn grown hybrids.

Gross Output Seed Yield Oil Content
MAKRO (RH) 101 101 45.3
Sunder (RH) 100 99 45.8
Mirakel (C) 99 99 44.5

MAKRO has a very high oil content improving growers' chances of achieving an oil premium.

Agronomic Factors

Shortness Of Stem Standing Ability Flowering
MAKRO (RH) 6 8 3
Sunder (RH) 7 7 5
Mirakel (C) 7 7 7
MAKRO is medium flowering and late maturing allowing farmers to spread their harvest load. MAKRO is a relatively tall variety and although it has very good stem characteristics it may benefit from the use of a PGR.
Why choose a hybrid for the spring? 
Hybrids offer consistency of performance and reliability over conventional varieties. Hybrid vigour allows plants to establish quickly and be more resilient especially in difficult growing seasons. This vigour allows increased flexibility with sowing date.
Hybrids also have the ability to utilise nutrients more efficiently. Trials have proven that they generally outperform conventional varieties, in respect to yield and their genetic stability provides high oil content. 
Pack Size
MAKRO will be supplied in packs of 2.1 million seeds. This will be sufficient to sow 3ha. As with autumn sown hybrids, a lower seed rate is required for MAKRO. It should ideally be planted at 70 seeds per m². 
Seed should be sown when soils have warmed up, in the first three weeks of April. This will give the seeds the best opportunity to germinate and grow. If drilling commences outside this sowing window then higher seed rates should be applied.





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