DSV United Kingdom Ltd.


Variety Guide 2018/19

Information on DSV UK's product range including Oilseed Rape, Winter Wheat, Maize, Cover Crops and Grasses.

Harvest Update - Early August 2018

Latest information and data on DSV's varieties from Harvest 2018

Harvest Update - July 2018

Latest information and data on DSV's varieties from Harvest 2018

Phoenix CL - Data Sheet

Phoenix is our widely grown Clearfield variety

Plurax CL - Datasheet

Plurax CL - Our new clearfield variety with high oil content and yield

Verticillium Wilt Information Sheet

Latest Adas Trials Highlight Importance of Verticillium Wilt Tolerance

Turnip Yellow's Information Sheet

There is widespread concern that the turnip yellows virus (TuYV) now poses a significant threat to oilseed rape crops. Yet TuYV
is not a new phenomenon in winter oilseed rape cropping.

Spring Oilseed Rape Growers Guide

Guide on growing spring oilseed rape

DSV Sparrow 17/18

Our new hybrid variety that has typical DSV vigour, with quick winter growth.

DSV Incentive 2018/19

Incentive was the first variety to ever top both the East and West and North Recommended Lists.

DSV Dariot 2017/18

Dariot marks a significant step forward in DSV's production of reliable, simple to grow, high output oilseed rape varieties especially developed for the current economical and environmental climate.

DSV TerraLife 2017/18

The special cover crop programme

DSV Cover Crops NewsLetter

Information about cover crops including the theory behind our cover crop mixtures

DSV Marston 2017/18

Group 4 hard wheat with excellent disease resistance especially yellow rust and septoria tritici.

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