DSV United Kingdom Ltd.

Flash - Number one for the North


Flash - no1 northDSV’s variety Flash delivered exceptionally well again this year in trials across the United Kingdom. Flash was first launched in 2007 and is now one of the most popular hybrid oilseed rape varieties grown. It has performed reliably in the past four years of trials and has proven to be the most consistent performing variety on the Recommended List.
One of the few varieties to be recommended on both recommended lists, Flash has done especially well in the North region.
Mike Mann, from DSV UK  said ‘we are very pleased that Flash is number one in the North. This shows the dependable performance of the variety, even with limited data available this year’ he added, ‘ unlike some varieties Flash’s performance has been consistently good, not only across the UK, but around the world’ .
Flash is the highest gross output variety in the North outperforming competing hybrids and conventional varieties. Farmers can be sure that Flash performs reliably with excellent results for both swathed (112) and desiccated (113) regimes. The fact that Flash is recommended for the East and West as well as the North, as well as being a key variety in many other European countries and outside of the EU 27 proves the variety is reliable across a range of climates and conditions.  The variety has excellent stem stiffness and lodging scores that combine for a practical harvest on farm. With it’s massive seed yield and oil content Flash is the one to ensure a profitable OSR crop in 2010.

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