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Chilton leading Group Two

Class-leading consistency of high-level yield and quality are the key attributes of DSV’s first ever UK wheat variety Chilton, says Dr. Matt Kerton, head of the company’s wheat development programme.
The group two variety, which is the only new bread-making wheat to make it onto the HGCA Recommended List for 2013/14, has the highest yield of all current bread-making varieties combined with a higher specific weight than any group one variety.
Chilton’s top spot shows it having a treated yield of 100.3% of the control of 10.2 tonnes/ha, a specific weight of 78.2 kg/hl and a Hagberg falling number of 271. Its overall quality profile classifies it as suitable for both UK bread-making and as a ukp bread wheat for export.
Furthermore, the 2013/14 Recommended List shows Chilton’s yield has varied by a maximum of 2% either side of its average over the last four years, whilst other group two varieties have suffered yield fluctuations of up to 11% over the same period.
“Chilton has been bred to deliver a reliable combination of high yield, outstanding specific weight and good overall bread-making quality in a variety of locations and growing conditions,” Matt Kerton says
“Its solid genetics give it a remarkable ability to buffer a wide range of environmental scenarios. In fact, Chilton’s core characteristics are marked by an almost flat line when looking at development trials over the last four years, whilst its competitors show wide variances in performance.”
The variety has a strong, stiff stem giving it good performance with regard to lodging and a reliable disease package with good resistance to yellow rust and fusarium.
“Chilton also has a very good untreated yield score demonstrating a healthy tolerance to diseases in the field, and although other varieties have better resistance to brown rust, its top yield proves that disease management can be easily and effectively achieved as part of a routine fungicide strategy.”
The variety puts DSV on the map as a wheat breeder and compliments its existing Oilseed Rape activity where genetic resilience and ability to deliver high performance in a wide range of variable conditions has always been a hallmark of the company’s varieties, Matt Kerton concludes.
“We are delighted that our first wheat for the UK is a class leader and is 100% in line with the DSV breeding ethos. We honestly feel it has precisely the right characteristics to give UK wheat growers confidence following the very difficult conditions encountered in 2012 and the climate variability of previous years.
“We believe Chilton offers a great opportunity for UK producers both as a first wheat contender and a strong second wheat option and is a great start for our wheat programme moving forward.”

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