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Primus One of the First Low Biomass Hybrids

Farmer David Burman is keen on the hybrid rape variety Primus as it is one of the shortest as well as one of the earliest hybrid oilseed rape varieties, as well as delivering good yields and high oils.
From breeders DSV, Primus has an impressive gross output of 104%, 7% higher than Castille, and a high oil content of 45.4%. It also has an 8 rating for resistance to lodging and also for stem stiffness.
Farming some challenging and variable soils in Warwickshire, David Burman is pleased with his Primus and, having recently desiccated the crop, is eagerly waiting for harvest to see how it has performed. “It certain looks stunning, with a dense crop canopy, and nicely short. It set off very well and rapidly in the autumn, showing excellent vigour and it has continued to thrive, creating a very well podded crop. Even with its fantastic podding, it has shown no signs of lodging, as it is very stiff strawed and has a high lodging rating,” says David.
He is looking forward to combining his Primus. “It has really stood well and is still only just over one metre high. I am sure it will be a dream to combine. I am hoping that it fulfils its promise and delivers a strong yield and oil content, so that we can benefit from a good premium over and above a good base price.”
David is a fan of hybrid rape varieties growing Primus as well as Flash in a 5 year rotation with wheat, barley and grass where he runs sheep. “I trialled Primus last year and will be definitely be growing more next year.”
Sarah Lockhart of DSV adds that growers are looking for the advantages of growing a hybrid but without the unwieldy height. “At 153 cms tall, Primus is much shorter than the majority of hybrid rapes, some of which can grow to nearly two metres. Having less stem to harvest makes it easier, quicker and less costly to combine as well as reducing stress on labour and machinery costs at a busy time of year.”

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