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Three New Varieties Follow DSV Trio of First

Two new Oilseed Rape varieties and a new Winter Wheat will be previewed by DSV UK at Cereals 2013 hot on the heels of the company’s trio of firsts in 2013/14’s HGCA Recommended Lists.
Incentive is a hybrid Oilseed Rape variety with exceptional vigour and hardiness, Flash is a herbicide tolerant Clearfield hybrid and Dexter is a soft group three Winter Wheat with promising yield potential.
The varieties join the new hybrid semi-dwarf oilseed rape variety Troy, the highest yielding semi-dwarf ever tested by the HGCA, the oilseed rape Marathon which achieved the highest overall seed yield in the 2013/14 RL, and DSV’s first ever UK wheat variety Chilton which is the current group two top performer.
“Incentive is a classic DSV hybrid in the mould of Compass,” says the company’s UK Managing Director Mike Mann. “Fantastic gross output, strong performance across the country in a wide range of conditions and solid consistency of performance across all sites.
“It’s got a strong disease resistance package, matures early and, like all DSV hybrids from Lioness onwards, has outstanding oil content – leading the 2013 candidate trials at 45.8%.
It also has good scores for lodging and stem stiffness.”
Flash is DSV’s first Clearfield variety for use with BASF’s post-emergence herbicide Cleranda to control broad-leaved weeds and cereal volunteers. Initial indications are of a high oil content compared to other Clearfield varieties and strong stem stiffness and lodging resistance.
DSV’s wheat programme delivers apace with the first follow-up to the group 2 leading Chilton in the shape of the variety Dexter which is currently in National List 2 trials.
“NL1 results are highly promising,” says head of the programme Dr. Matt Kerton. “It’s a soft group three Winter Wheat with high yield potential – 105% of control – and a very strong disease resistance package allied to good lodging resistance.
“We’ll know its real potential when we get the NABIM quality results due just before Cereals, but so far it’s looking good,” he says.

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