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Troy oilseeed rape sets a new benchmark

The highest yielding semi-dwarf Oilseed Rape variety ever to be assessed by the HGCA makes it on to the 2013/14 Recommended List heralding the arrival of important new breeding technology for UK growers, says Mike Mann of breeders DSV Ltd.
The variety Troy combines the yield potential of the best standard height varieties with all the management and harvest benefits of a semi-dwarf effectively re-writing the rules of Oilseed Rape production, he says.
“Troy is a genuine first and one which signals a completely new way of thinking about what hybrid varieties can deliver in the future. It’s a genuine step forward in semi-dwarf performance and consistent with our policy of developing varieties that will really perform in a variety of ‘ real world’ growing conditions.”
On the 2012/13 HGCA candidate list Troy was not only the highest yielding semi dwarf ever tested with the highest seed yield of 107% of the control, it also achieved this with an impressive oil content of 44.8%. Troy’s gross output was significantly higher than all the control varieties in the trial.
In the 2013/14 HGCA Recommended List, Troy has an unsurpassed combination of seed yield and standing power with 102.2% of control gross output and the highest combined scores for resistance to lodging, stem stiffness and shortness of stem in the top ten. It is also the highest yielding hybrid variety – regardless of size - in the HGCA’s Northern region.
“With an average height of 138cm, Troy is one of the taller semi-dwarfs which helps with its yield potential, but its genetics give it outstanding consistency when it comes to lodging resistance,” Mike Mann explains.
It’s in its element in good growing conditions and fertile soils where producers can really go for high yields but where standard varieties all too often become unmanageable, he says.
“Troy’s optimum canopy height allows better timing of agronomic inputs including late fungicides, insecticides and nitrogen to boost growth but also allows early harvesting that can take up to 50% less time than with taller varieties.
“But equally, its inherent strength and vigour will give it the edge in less than favourable situations. Troy is faster growing in the critical autumn establishment period than other semi-dwarves allowing it to outgrow diseases and as it grows, it short stems and strong root system means it is virtually lodging proof.”
Mike Mann admits DSV are a little late to the party when it comes to launching a semi-dwarf – Troy is their first – but says it was important to learn from the mistakes of others and ensure that when they did introduce one the genetics were robust and it would be capable of being class leader.
“Troy sets a new standard for field stability, ease of management and yield and is the perfect variety for UK growers. It’s the direct result of concentrating on the needs of growers, in particular focusing on the increasingly variable weather patterns we now face.
“It’s no longer a question of breeding varieties that look good on paper and can deliver superb results in a perfect year. Troy can mix it with the very best in terms of yield when the conditions are right but it has the strength and hardiness to perform in bad years, too. That’s why we think it is such a breakthrough.”

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