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Compass joins the Recommended List 2011/2012

Compass – Straight to the point

Breeders DSV are delighted with the addition of Compass to both of the UK winter oilseed rape recommended lists (East and West and North). Sales Director Mike Mann said ' Compass delivers all the attributes farmers expect from a DSV hybrid – the fastest autumn vigour, excellent agronomics, and very importantly, extremely high oil content, and therefore maximum gross margin potential' The addition of Compass contributes to the recent success of the company, joining other varieties on the list, Dimension, Flash and Hammer, which have already taken significant market share. DSV will also be releasing Climber and Record to the UK market place this year. 

Compass is one of the few varieties that delivers across the UK, with an excellent gross output in East and West regions, as well as outstanding performance in the North. ‘An important attribute, says Mr Mann’. ‘’ There are very few varieties that do so well everywhere, and this demonstrates the flexibility of the variety across a wide range of soil types and climatic conditions. The fact that Compass has the highest score for autumn vigour may be part of the reason why it does so well.’’
In the Northern region, Compass gave 3% more gross output than last years list topper, and delivered very high gross output at every site, from Croft to Aberdeen.
 ‘’ Compass was well received on farm this year, following some excellent trial results, and strongly supported by the seed trade’’ Mike continued. ‘’ The advantages of hybrids like Compass are now being recognised across the UK. The flexible sowing window, strong Autumn and Spring growth and ability to compensate better under difficult conditions than a conventional variety are all real benefits to growers’’.
He went on to say ’’German yields remain above those in the UK, but the greater use of hybrids in that market is a key part of the reason – farm data has shown hybrids deliver an average 350kg/ha more than conventional varieties. In the UK, a survey last year showed a clear hybrid advantage, and it is expected to show the same when repeated later this season’..


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