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Variety Guide 2020 /21

Information on DSV UK's product range including Oilseed Rape, Winter Wheat, Maize, Cover Crops and Grasses.

Spring Oilseed Rape - Product Guide

Download our new spring oilseed rape product sheet

Sensation - Data sheet

Download a data sheet for our new 6r winter barley here

Likeit - Maize Product Sheet

LIKEiT is a high yielding variety with excellent standing power and high disease resistance, offering all things to all growers.

Expedia - Maize Sheet

EXPEDIA produces top quality forage with high yield potential. This stay-green type has excellent digestibility, starch, standing power and strong resistance to eyespot and fusarium.

Liroyal - Maize Product sheet

LIROYAL typifies the DSV UK maize portfolio, balancing yield, quality and agronomics to give the UK grower the ultimate package.

Farmunox - Maize Sheet

FARMUNOX is the earliest intermediate offered by DSV in the UK and has the best yields in this maturity bracket. This variety has excellent quality with good fusarium and outstanding eyespot resistance.

Movanna - Maize Sheet

MOVANNA is DSV UK’s most consistent forage and AD variety. This vigorous, mid-harvest performer has a very robust agronomic package with excellent standing power and resistance to fusarium and eyespot, all of which means a healthy plant, even if harvest is delayed.

Petroschka - Maize Sheet

 PETROSCHKA is a high quality AD variety for the UK. What’s more, this mixed flint/dent maize can be used as a quality input for dairy cows and bull fattening. For the best sites Petroscka is the perfect choice.

Voltage - Data Sheet

Candidate list topping - Voltage - TuYV

DSV Crocodile CR - Datasheet

Crocodile CR - A new benchmark for clubroot resistant varieties

DSV Duplo - Data Sheet

Duplo our new triple layered variety - New this year !

DSV Darling - Datasheet

Darling - A Triple Layered variety with TuYV, Pod Shatter and RLM7 resistance

DSV Phoenix CL - Datasheet

Phoenix is our widely grown Clearfield variety

DSV Plurax CL - Datasheet

Plurax CL - Our new clearfield variety with high oil content and yield

DSV Temptation - Datasheet

Temptation - DSV's first Turnip Yellow Virus resistant variety

DSV Dazzler - Datasheet

Dazzler - Triple layer protection

Turnip Yellow's Information Sheet

There is widespread concern that the turnip yellows virus (TuYV) now poses a significant threat to oilseed rape crops. Yet TuYV
is not a new phenomenon in winter oilseed rape cropping.

Spring Oilseed Rape Growers Guide

Guide on growing spring oilseed rape

Harvest Update - Early August 2018

Latest information and data on DSV's varieties from Harvest 2018

Harvest Update - July 2018

Latest information and data on DSV's varieties from Harvest 2018

Verticillium Wilt Information Sheet

Latest Adas Trials Highlight Importance of Verticillium Wilt Tolerance

DSV TerraLife 2018/19

The special cover crop programme

DSV Cover Crops Newsletter

Information about cover crops including the theory behind our cover crop mixtures

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