Incentive 45 is a hybrid variety from DSV UK. It is not only a true all round performer but its rapid early establishment also gives it several agronomic advantages.  Incentive was the first variety ever to top both East and West and North Recommended Lists.

Incentive 45 offers a robust package of grain yield stability, oil content, standing power, disease resistance and ability to withstand pest attack.

Incentive 45 achieves a gross output of 106% and an oil content of 45.8%. It has a remarkable grain yield consistency across a range of different growing conditions reinforcing its genetic stability.

Incentive 45 continues DSV’s tradition of producing high oil content varieties that began in 2005 with Lioness.

Incentive has proven itself again this year with excellent yields in independant trials as well as on farm. Incentive was a definite farm favourite again this year.

  • Consistently high gross output
  • Outstanding vigour in the first 45 days of growth
  • Excellent resistance to lodging and stem stiffness
  • Unbeatable yield stability in all UK areas and soil types

Yield information

Gross Output (%) 106
Oil content (%) 45.8
Gross Output (%) 106
Oil content (%) 45.8

Variety Consistency
It is important to look at variety consistency when choosing a new variety. Higher yield scores on just a couple of sites with high CVs (i.e. unreliable data) can easily make a variety look outstanding in a small data set. Incentive 45’s gross output has been consistent throughout the National List and Recommended List trial sites in all six years of testing.
Vigour and Winter Hardiness
Incentive 45 is the first oilseed rape variety bred specifically to make maximum use of the first 45 days of growth after drilling, where it lays foundations for future yield. This rapid growth reduces the chances of pest attack and disease, which is particularly relevant due to the current neonicotinoid restriction.
Incentive 45 led the way in our Polish trials for winter hardiness.
Resistance to Lodging and Stem Stiffness
Incentive 45 has a strong root network which allows it to establish quickly so the plant can obtain essential nutrients effectively to promote early top growth. Plants with strong roots give it protection against subsequent lodging. Incentive 45 has top scores for Resistance to Lodging and Stem Stiffness and has produced some of its highest yields in one of the worst lodging years, outperforming other varieties. Incentive 45 is a medium height hybrid standing around 153cm, (no PGR applied).
DSV would recommend planting their hybrids in the optimum drilling window. However, if weather conditions mean drilling is delayed then Incentive 45’s autumn vigour gives flexibility for later sowing. Due to the genetic vigour which takes place at the green bud stage, early flowering becomes possible. This early flowering helps the plant to avoid many of the problems associated with pollen beetle. Incentive 45’s early development means that the buds are being formed before high populations of beetles have established. It has medium maturity in line with the majority of recommended varieties.
Incentive 45 has a robust disease resistance package and is among the best available with a score of 6 for light leaf spot and 4 for stem canker.
Harvest Period
The temptation to desiccate/swath early must be avoided on all oilseed rape varieties otherwise full oil content of the seed will not be achieved. The crop will be ready when 90% of the seed in the mid-third of pods on the main stem are red to dark brown.
Pack Size
Incentive 45 is supplied in unit packs containing 1.5 million germinating seeds. Sown over 3ha this will give 50 germinating seeds per m2. Sowing rates should be adjusted based on TGW and germination.

Incentive leaflet

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