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Marston is a high yielding hard feed winter wheat with a very good disease score for Yellow Rust and Septoria.

Parentage: Timaru x Hereford


Source: NL1 and NL2 data, 2014/2015 [100%= 11.5t/ha - average yield across trial sites]

Marston will perform best in a 1st wheat situation but its 2nd wheat yield is on par with JB Diego.


Grain Quality (Source: AHDB Reccommended List - Table 3, 2017/18)

Variety Protein (%) Hagberg Falling Number (sec) Specific Weight (kg/hl)
Marston 11.4 308 76.8
JB Diego 11.2 309 77.4
KWS Santiago 11.1 168 75.6

Marston has a normal height, standing at 87cm - compared to JB Diego at 88cm and KWS Santiago at 86cm, and has a good resistance to lodging, both treated and untreated. Throughout trials, internally and externally, little lodging has been seen.

Marston has a very good disease resistance package compared to current RL varieties. Its combined score is one of highest of all the current hard feed wheats. It also has the highest resistance to Yellow rust and one of the highest scores for Septoria tritici of all the varieties on the Candidate and Reccommended List for 2017/18


Disease Resistance (Source: AHDB Recommended List, 2017/18)

Disease Resistance Marston JB Diego KWS Santiago
Yellow Rust 9 5 6
Brown Rust 4 6 5
Septoria tritici 6.8 5.2 4.3
Mildew 9 6 5

On the 1-9 scale a, high figures indicate that a variety shows higher levels of resistance.


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