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Status: National List Trials

Toby is a high yielding soft feed winter wheat with good disease resistance. Aswell as being suitable for the UK grower, it has also been tested and trialled in Denmark and has high chance of being recommended in July 2019.

It has outstanding yield especially in untreated trials (83%), which has outperformed all the controls particularly the two feed varieties JB Diego (68%) and KWS Santiago (69%), making it an farmer friendly variety to grow within an increasing reduction in herbicides.

Treated Yield 100%
Untreated Yield (% of Treated Controls) 83%
Protein 12.6%
Hagburg Falling Number 257 seconds
Specific Weight 74kg/hl
Plant Height 84cm
Ripening (+/- JB Diego) +2
Yellow Rust 9
Brown Rust 9
Septoria Tritici 7.1
Mildew 4

Source: Winter Wheat NL 2 year report 2017/18 - NL2 varieties and controls

Toby has one of the highest Septoria tritici scores (7.1) of all the NL2 varieties and controls, (just a 0.1 below DSV's other feed variety Theodore with a score of 7.2). In both years of National List trialling, it has had the top score for brown rust with a nine in both years; this is because of its stacked brown rust genes for durable resistance. It has also scored the highest score for yellow rust, making it have the highest combination for rust resistance.

Along with its excellent diseases package it also has the Sm1 for orange wheat blossom midge resistance.

Standing at 84cm Toby has good resistance to lodging in both treated and untreated plots, with no lodging seen in breeders' plots throughout its time in trialling.


Source: Winter Wheat NL 2 year report 2017/18 - NL2 varieties and controls

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