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Turnip yellow virus resistance a key feature for future DSV varieties

* Turnip Yellow Virus (TuYV) a growing threat to UK producers

* Potential yield losses of up to 30% feared

* Temptation is DSV's first variety in UK to carry genuine genetic TuYV resistance

Latest harvest trials confirm strenght of DSV pest resistance genetics

* Simulated cabbage stem flea beetle attack reduces yields by just 1%

* Even massive early spring crop damage produces crop yields at 85% of control

* Results support previous findings

New national trials highlight key requirements for modern oilseed rape production

* 0.8t/ha yield advantage over treated plots average for Incentive 45 and Dariot


* Advantage rises to over 1.0t/ha in untreated plots

To drill into late September or not?

Later drilling is often a difficult concept for growers to embrace fully. Memories of sluggishly developing crops and cold, wet autumns still sit firm in the minds of many growers. But it’s a very scenario now with significant breeding work gone in to the best varieties to ensure they can establish quickly in a range of growing scenarios including the freezing conditions of Eastern Europe.


45 Day Vigour - Sparrow45 and Incentive 45

Research has show that over 70% of the total root mass of oilseed rape is developed in the first 45 days weeks after sowing – hence Incentive 45’s name.

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