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The Generation of 2050: Where will farming be at?

Last Saturday we invited a small group of farmers to join us at our GEN2050 conference in Leicester to discuss the developments of technology and resources by 2050.

LAMMA 2018

Expanding forages, oilseed rape and maize on DSV's LAMMA 2018 stand

The Joys of Christmas - The Recommended List

Winter is upon us with biting cold days and long nights - but Christmas nearly here! The season starts with a treat from the AHDB, in the form of the recommended list with its 20 new varieties of all types (nearly one for every day up until Christmas!).

Turnip yellow virus resistance a key feature for future DSV varieties

* Turnip Yellow Virus (TuYV) a growing threat to UK producers

* Potential yield losses of up to 30% feared

* Temptation is DSV's first variety in UK to carry genuine genetic TuYV resistance

Latest harvest trials confirm strenght of DSV pest resistance genetics

* Simulated cabbage stem flea beetle attack reduces yields by just 1%

* Even massive early spring crop damage produces crop yields at 85% of control

* Results support previous findings

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