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TerraLife Grower: Holkham Estate
Strategic use of cover crops to arrest declining crop yields and create more sustainable production in the future is an essential element of a rotational shake-up introduced at Holkham Estate near Wells-next-the-Sea in Norfolk.
TerraLife Grower: South Pickenham
Minimising crop damage and improving soil organic matter in intensively-farmed beet and vegetable rotations are the main reasons behind a new approach to cover cropping at South Pickenham Estates near Swaffham in Norfolk.
Grower Spotlight: Ali Drummond – Eye – Suffolk
With all his oilseed rape down to the new DSV variety Incentive this year, Suffolk grower Ali Drummond says the variety’s early vigour is a key element of his strategy for life with neonicotinoids. “I don’t want to compromise on yield and oil content but the more agronomic properties a variety has built in the more relevant I think it will be in type of farming we will be doing in the future.
Grower Spotlight: Robert Cross – Warrington – Cheshire
With DSV variety Compass always doing well on his heavy land and the need for a rapidly establishing variety to counter potential early disease and pest threats, Incentive was the by far the best choice says Cheshire grower Robert Cross.
Grower spotlight: Stephen Cowper – St. Avon – Warwicks
Warwickshire grower Stephen Cowper’s Incentive oilseed rape not only ‘shot out of the ground’ after drilling its rapid subsequent growth has helped it shrug off all pest and disease attack. Although concerned about managing the early weeks of growth following the loss of neonicotinoids, the variety’s early establishment has created the perfect crop going into winter, he says.
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