100 years breeding experience

For decades, DSV is breeding outstanding varieties for all requirements - from sports pitches and golf courses to parks and private gardens. We maintain constant programmes of investment in research and breeding progress. In this way we put our motto “ Innovation for your growth” into practice. DSV is the Number 1 breeder of turf grasses in Germany and as a supplier on the international markets we play in the Premier League. Our premium varieties head the lists of all significant turf trials in Europe. They are ideal components in turf mixtures for a variety of purposes.
Our breeders focus on a number of different characteristics such as:
  • Visual merit
  • Wear tolerance
  • Recovery after wear
  • Shoot density
  • Fineness of leaf
  • Persistency
  • Tolerance to close mowing
  • Colour
  • Slow regrowth
  • Disease resistance
  • Location and climate factors
Leading in breeding – A story of success
Example perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne)
There is an average annual success in breeding of more than 2.8%, that means almost 30 % during the last 20 years. One third of the TOP 20 of the official UK turf grass list (table S1, perennial ryegrass for Sports Uses, BSPB Turfgrass booklet) are DSV varieties. Based on the British results, EURODIAMOND is currently the best variety in Europe for sports uses.

The success concept of EuroGrass mixtures

Top varieties from innovative breeding
Variety breeding is a long and complex process that requires a lot of patience and a fine sense. 10 – 12 years pass before we can register a variety for distribution. For this purpose we selcet over 1.000 single plants and more than 100 plots.
Through intensive research and development activities, we are achieving the goal of a continuously well-positioned variety portfolio. Various collaborations in research, breeding and experimentation make a significant contribution. In addition to classical breeding and selection in the field, molecular and digital methods are now also an essential part of the day-to-day breeding work. Our variety candidates have to pass many tests until they are good enough and qualified to be a component of our premium EuroGrass mixtures. Our constant aim is to steadily improve turf quality moreover, the development of varieties with characteristics, which are most suited to satisfy the needs and requirements of our customers.
Best seed quality from our own production
We produce the majority of our seeds with our experienced growers in close cooperation. We monitor the entire production process from sowing to harvesting. Each variety is subjected to a recognised certification process. For example, the germination capacity, vitality and purity of the seeds are tested. Only after all tests have been passed the seed lots enter the further processing process to make mixtures.
Know how from many years of experience
Creating a mixture that is tailored to your needs requires a lot of know how. The different growth habits of the various species, their appearance, the different leaf size and colour, their demands on soil, care and fertilisation - knowledge of all these factors is necessary to create adapted grass mixtures. We have been breeding, producing and distributing grasses for almost 100 years and therefore have in-depth expertise and experience, which you can discover in our EuroGrass mixtures.