Date: 04/2021

For large parts of the UK this spring rain is needed after a very wet winter. Temperatures have been cold with it only warming up this week. So where moisture and conditions suit it is time to push on with maize and grass plantings. Moisture conservation will be key again so less will almost certainly be more in term of cultivations (whilst ensuring good seed soil contact). At this stage Liroyal would be our chosen maize variety.

Some WOSR has already been flowering for two weeks and is still not at its peak. There has been a variation between varieties and within fields. Care will be needed around grazed areas in terms of applications. On the upside with the dry conditions one well timed spray at mid - flowering should do a good job.

LLS pressure has been high this spring, however we have seen species variation across trials. Varieties with a rating of 6 + seem to be performing well.

Theodore we are pleased to report is still yellow rust free in our untreated trial.

Sensation is going through its growth stages very quickly, please treat it like a hybrid in terms of PGR.

Fingers crossed for some rain.