Date: 07/2021

2021 has been a roller-coaster year of weather and at the end of June the UK maize crop looked very much behind after a slow start. However the hot sunny spell in July has moved the crop forward dramatically with most crops now showing silks and teasels. With a wet start to August harvest looks to be heading later, this in sharp contrast to the last few years of earlier starts.

However due to the moisture Pre-ems seem to have worked well and most crops show promise at this stage (fingers crossed for a few weeks of August sun).  DSV maize sales have grown again this spring (5th year in a row) on what appears to be a smaller area. Varieties LikeIt and LiRoyal are starting to become farmer favourites being easy to grow with good standing power and excellent tolerance to disease.

Farmunox has again grown in popularity this year and looks like it could turn into a class leader. Seed treatment will again be a big topic of conversation and we will brief you this autumn as to what we will be offering you at DSV.