Date: 06/2020
Seed breeders DSV have three new high performance grasses on the new 2020/21 RL including the highest yielding variety on the list capable of producing 35t/ha DM over its two-year recommended rotation.
The result of DSV’s Grass Breeding Network with input from the company’s Oxfordshire-based breeding station, the new varieties make a total of 14 DSV grass varieties on the current RL, says the company’s James Ingles.
“Our new Sendero, Arman and Perkins varieties and feature outsanding yields and quality combined with exceptional disease resistance.
“DSV Sendero Italian Ryegrass (diploid) is the highest yielding variety on the entire list achieving 103% of the total yield control of 16.96t/ha/year DM over two years as well as having the second highest rating for early spring growth at 110%.
“It produces a first and second cut ME yield over 125,000 MJ/ha together with the joint highest score for ground cover in its group.
“With an 8.0 for Crown rust resitance and a provisional 7.8 for Mildew, Sendero has the yield and relaibility to make it an ideal contributor to top performing grass mixes for silage or grazing.”
DSV Arman is another high yielding italian rygrass (tetraploid) producing 102% of first and second cut ME yield to give 125,000MJ/ha with the earliest quick spring growth in its group, he says.
“Again a strong disease resistance package, including 8.3 for Crown rust resitance and a provisional 7.6 for Mildew, mean Arman is a a great choice for high output mixes.
“For producers wanting a hybrid ryegrass that combines three to four years of production we have our new DSV Perkins which combines class leading quality and excellent crown Rust resitance.
“On the 2020/21 RL, Perkins achieves 101% of yield control over three years of sowing with one of the higest scoress for early spring growth and an 8.8 for Mildew and and a 7.4 for Crown rust.”
The three new varieties join the Aston series of ryegrasses, including AstonEnergy, AstonBonus, AstonKing, AstonVision and AstonCrusader, which have been bred to bring the best combinations of yield, quality, digestibility, disease resitance and longevity, James Ingles explains.
“The DSV UK grass breeding station at Wardington, Oxfordshire, is part of a network of specialists breeders across Europe breeding improved varieties for the UK ruminant farmer.
“DSV Wardington is not only a grass breeding station but is also a centre of excellence for grass testing and is regonised for this by carrying out NL and RL work on behalf of and in conjunction with BSPB, AHDB and NIAB.
“All our varieties are bred for UK conditions with high levels of in-built resilience and disease resistance to cope with the increasingly variable growing conditions noe experienced.”