Date: 12/2020
This year we commissioned a three site yield trial in the UK for screening and demo purposes. The trials were conducted alongside official trials in Wiltshire, Norfolk and Cheshire. Harvest started in mid September and was finished by mid October in Cheshire, where we saw the highest yield with an average DM yield of nearly 17t per ha and a top yield of over 19t/ha. The average at the other 2 sites was somewhat lower at nearly 15 t per ha with the top yield over 16t.
On the summary below we see the varieties data pulled apart in a classical fashion, with Liroyal (FAO 180) showing great early maturity and yield, also performing particularly well on the tricky Norfolk site. Farmunox and Petroschka were both very pleasing in terms of yield at the later maturities and show that for the grower who can finish a later variety there are rewards to be had. Farmunox was also very consistent showing the lowest variation in DM yield across all sites.
While yields in 2020 were not the most exciting, these top varieties proved their worth in some hard conditions.