Date: 10/2020
It couldn’t have started at a better time. With the challenges of Covid – 19 the ability to start my placement provided by DSV allowed me an opportunity in the new ‘normal’ we find ourselves in. I was enthusiastically looking forward to moving down to start my new role. My background is a family beef & sheep farm. So I was excited to throw myself into the new world of ‘crops’. In the short time I have been at DSV I have already experienced a multitude of skills and areas within the business.
I began in the office working alongside the dedicated marketing team. We were faced with the challenge of selling WOSR; not only the weather throughout the growing season, but also the pressure from the flea beetle and slugs. Not only is it important to sell the seed but to also run trials alongside it. One of my responsibilities has been managing the trial seed orders, which are shipped out across the UK. This has been a constant job over the past few weeks, sending out a large list of varieties. I have travelled to Flawborough farms where we have trials in the making. It has been great to see the range of trials undertaken and I am hoping to be able to revisit to observe how the crops cope in the different soil conditions. At our base in Oxfordshire I have been able to assist in creating and sowing a companion trial.
Not only do I spend my time assisting the work that the marketing team does, but I also help the team of wheat breeders. This role is very varied which makes for an enjoyable job. There is always something to be doing and I enjoy the variety of the work. My favourite part so far has been working with Cindy and Graham to choose the new wheat that is going to be drilled for the next stage of breeding. I am looking forward to seeing the whole process of selecting lines of wheat and how this is carried forward to the next year of breeding.
Being part of a German company our seed is often shipped in from our external sites across Europe. As we move towards Brexit there is an increasing requirement to understand the import and export legal requirements associated with the movement of goods. This is an area that the majority of placement students would not have contemplated in the past. DSV are looking to provide me with the opportunity to learn the key skills associated with these new working practises, which will certainly be advantageous in the future.
DSV is certainly offering a diverse range of opportunities and learning. I am looking forward to the next twelve months of placement with the ability to get involved at Cereals and Lamma. Hopefully Covid – 19 will not be a barrier for these important events in our calendar.