Date: 10/2020
The current pandemic has proven “man” like his lawn.
As the world shut down at various times this year and we were all asked/forced to stay at home, it seems that many of us looked and went out the back (or front) and rediscovered our gardens. We discovered that perhaps, with a small investment we could improve the look of things.
Despite many horticultural/garden retail outlets being out of bounds at the beginning of the lockdown, we went on line and bought, vegetable seeds, compost, shrubs, plugged plants and most importantly lawn seed!
Sales of lawn seed, lawn improvement products and lawn fertiliser have almost doubled in the past 6 months, with many outlets predicting that the trend will remain as our new found love of the garden is here to stay, as we will be spending more time at home, whether that is to work, play, holiday or eat!
Grass Seed Global Market Update
Like the UK & Europe the rest of the “cool season” grass consumption areas have seem above average consumption of most grass species in both the forage and turf sectors this past season. Despite the effects of the global pandemic farmers across the globe have invested in new pastures knowing that home grown forage is the most economical quality forage, whether they are in the southern or northern hemisphere. Like wise turf grasses have seen good usage in most segments.

Crop of Eurocordus harvest August 2020
The ever challenging extremes of weather patterns this past season has again dented this autumns grass seed yields in many of the major production areas of the world. These two factors will mean that there will be no excess stocks of grass seed moving into 2021 and in many species supply will be tight.