Date: 08/2021
DSV Champion continues to deliver stellar performance with the highest outright yield of all winter wheat varieties in the latest year-one harvest results published by the AHDB on August 24th.
In treated trials, DSV Champion has 108% of control producing an average yield of 11.85t/ha with 12.56t/ha recorded at the Cawood, North Yorkshire, trials site.
In untreated trials, the variety again tops the tables with a yield of 131% of untreated controls representing an average yield of 10.55t/ha without any fungicide applications.
DSV Champion has some of the lowest mildew and yellow rust scores at just 0.4% of plants infected and is a top three performer out of the over 30 varieties tested for Septoria with average incidence of the disease at just 6.5%.
Its sister variety DSV Theodore has the lowest level of Septoria of all varieties at just 2.7% and is the only winter wheat to score the remarkable average of 0% for yellow rust.
“The AHDB harvest results showcase the outstanding attributes of the latest generation of DSV’s UK-bred winter wheats,” says the company’s Sarah Hawthorne.
“DSV Champion is firing the imagination of farmers and trade alike with its incredible 2021 harvest yield results and agronomic features underlining its top spot on the 2021/22 AHDB candidate list.
“With class leading results for disease resistance, DSV Theodore’s harvest performance also continues to reinforce its position as the UK’s cleanest wheat.
“Both are outstanding varieties able to consistently deliver their full genetic potential across a range of management scenarios and growing conditions.”